30 Afro Styles for Natural Hair (They’re Cute, Kinky, Trendy and Easy)

A symbol of the Black power movement, and the ultimate sign of self-acceptance, an afro style shows that you’re proud to rock your natural hair without reservation.

No matter the hair type or length, from the teeny-weeny, big chop afro, to the gravity-defying, closer-to-God goals, there’s one thing we consistently see among the baddest across the board. That’s healthy, hydrated natural hair, with a great cut and at its core.

30 Afro Hairstyles You Can’t Get Enough Of

While the afro will always be iconic as is, there are simple ways to switch your look up and keep boredom at bay; from playing with parts and texture, to experimenting with shape and color.

So scroll down to get into some our favorite fros and click around for even more must-try natural hairstyles.

1. Textured Afro with Baby Hair

Black woman with 4C natural hair wearing a textured afro style

The texture’s poppin’ and the edges laid. Moisturized and magnificent, this voluminous afro is giving.

2. Afro with a Deep Side Part

Afro hairstyle with a deep side part worn by a Black woman with natural hair

As long as it’s hydrated, let your natural hair do what it do. Beyond a deep side part for visual interest, or lifting it at the roots with a pick for more volume, your afro is amazing all on its own.

3. Crochet Kinky Afro

Crochet kinky afro worn as a protective style by a Black woman with natural hair
IG: @deyemmi_ade @gidistyles

For those times you want to protect your natural hair, with a style that still looks like your natural hair, this crochet kinky afro is a winner.

4. High Afro Puff

High afro puff hairstyle on a Black woman with 4C natural hair

All you need to pull off an afro puff is a simple black hair tie. Of course you can add a strengthening gel around the perimeter if you want your edges laid, but your puff can be perfect without it.

5. Pineapple Afro Puff

Black woman wearing a pineapple afro puff hairstyle
IG: @vanlenore

By day, you can angle your afro puff all the way forward to create the perfect pineapple. Then, simply wrap a silk or satin scarf around your style, from back to front, to preserve it at night.

6. Stretched Afro

Stretched afro style worn by a Black woman with natural hair
IG: @creolenaturelle

We often think of stretched hair as the starting point for several natural hairstyles, like a rod set, chunky twist out, or even two strand twists.

But stretched natural hair can actually be a style on its own. Just be sure to use heat protectant if blow drying. Then, as long as your ends are trimmed and the shape defined, your afro will be gorgeous and good to go.

7. Perm Rod Set Afro

Afro-inspired perm rod set on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @creolenaturelle

Curlsmith’s stylers came through with the definition, but it’s the round afro shape of her natural hair that makes this perm rod set even more stunning.

8. Bobby Pinned Twist Out

Black woman wearing a twist out on her 4C natural hair with bobby pinned side

Achieving its texture with a twist out, this lovely afro look gets an added lift with bobby pins.

9. Tapered Mohawk

Tapered mohawk TWA hairstyle on a Black woman with natural hair
IG: @amaosei_ @ronkeraji

Edgy yet dainty, we adore the juxtaposition in this tapered TWA mohawk.

10. Curly Frohawk with Flat Twists

Afro in curly frohawk hairstyle with flat twists worn by a Black woman with natural hair
IG: @modelesque_nic

Why just wash and go when you can pin your fro up into this fierce frohawk in no time? Add a flat twist on each side, leave a few tendrils to hang, and just like that you’re good to go.

11. Afro-Kinky Wig

Afro-kinky wig worn as a protective style by a Black woman with natural hair
IG: @iammarybennett

When you want to protect your natural hair, and still proudly rep your hair type, a voluminous kinky unit can typically do the trick.

12. Ombre Afro Clip-Ins

Black woman wearing a blonde ombre afro with kinky curly clip-ins and bantu knots

From the color to the coils, the body to the bantu knots, this blonde ombre afro is everything, thanks to a little help from some clip-ins.

13. Kinky Clip-Ins

Black woman wearing a side-swept 4C afro with kinky clip-ins

Kinky clip-ins that complement your 4C hair, are a simple way to add the length and volume needed to pull off this sexy-side swept hairstyle. As you can see, when they’re blended well, the results are absolutely beautiful.

14. Medium Length Afro

Black woman wearing a medium length afro

A fierce off-the-face afro is a wonderful way to showcase your features.

15. Large Face-Framing Afro

Black woman wearing her natural hair in a large face-framing afro style

Face-framing and fabulous, we stan a super-sized afro.

16. Middle Part Afro with Clip-Ins

Black woman with natural hair wearing an afro with clip-ins and a middle part

While kinky clip-ins come through with the fullness, this look proves that a fallen fro can stand out just as much as one that stands up.

17. Large Rounded Afro

Large rounded afro worn by a Black woman with natural hair

The epitome of fuss-free, this is what we call an easy, breezy afro.

18. Curly Afro with a Flat Twist

Black woman wearing a curly afro hairstyle with a flat twist and gold cuffs

Cute and carefree, a flat twist with gold cuffs along the front of this curly afro provides just the subtle flair needed to enhance this simple style.

19. Half-Up Half-Down Twist Out

Half-up half down twist out on a Black woman with 4C natural hair
IG: @sheilandinda

This luscious look is the result of taking down two strand twists with hanging bantu knots, done on dry semi-stretched hair.

20. TWA Puff

Black woman wearing a TWA puff on her short natural hair
IG: @_kaicealea

Don’t let anybody tell you that your teeny weeny afro can’t puff. Just opt for an elastic headband, instead of a hair tie, and only push it back a bit.

21. High Top TWA

High top TWA hairstyle on a Black woman with natural hair
IG: @poupeekinky

A soft high top, with thick sides and subtle lines, makes this teeny weeny afro, big on style.

22. Cornrows on TWA

4C TWA with cornrows on a Black woman with natural hair

Styling your afro when it’s at that “awkward length” doesn’t have to be a challenge. Start with a wash and go or twist out, add a couple of cornrows on the side for visual interest and voil√†! Awkward where?

23. Two High Afro Puffs

Black woman with 4C natural hair in two high afro puffs
IG: @tolaniav

In less than 5 minutes, you can brush your natural hair into two polished afro puffs, then rock on with your bad self.

24. Round TWA with Cinnamon Tips

Rounded TWA hairstyle on a Black woman with natural hair
IG: @brosiaaa

Between the perfectly rounded TWA, the texture and the cinnamon tips, we can’t get enough of this lovely look.

25. Defined Sandy Brown Afro

Black woman wearing her natural hair in a defined sandy brown afro

Whether you want to define select kinks, curls and coils like above, or comb them all out for the ultimate fluffy fro, it’s the color that really sets this style apart.

26. Fluffy Sandy Brown Afro

Black woman wearing her natural hair in a fluffy sandy brown afro

27. Defined Wash and Go with Bantu Knots

A Black woman with natural hair wearing a defined wash and go afro with bantu knots on the side
IG: @_harrisjanae_

Adding accessorized bantu knots takes this defined wash and go up a notch.

28. Wash and Go Afro

A Black woman wearing a vomuinous wash and go afro
IG: @_harrisjanae_

A voluminous version of the previous style, this look is proof of the massive difference an afro pick can make.

29. Copper Finger Coils

Black woman with 4C natural hair wearing her copper colored TWA in finger coils
IG: @crystalotv

Coils and color create a must-have combo on this teeny weeny afro.

After applying your liquid leave-in, moisturizing cream and gel, rapidly brush your hair in circles all over to start creating a coily look. Then, simply take one small section at a time and twist up from the root in the direction that you want the hair to lay.

And just like that you have an easy natural hairstyle, literally right at your finger tips.

30. Twist Out on TWA

Black woman with 4C natural hair wearing a twist out
IG: @necenita

This teeny weeny twist out afro is off the face and off the chain.

As you can see, you have more than enough options to explore the iconic afro look. And as one of the few natural hairstyles that thrives in humidity, you’ll never have to sweat having a bad hair day.