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70 Stunning Dreadlock Styles (Locs Have Never Looked Better)

If you happen to think that locs limit your styling options, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Dreadlocks can be braided, twisted, knotted, colored, rod set, pin curled, lengthened, and the list goes on. You just have to know what stage your locs are in before you go wild with the styles, so as not to disturb the process and cause them to unravel.

The starter stage is 3-6 months, followed by the budding or sprouting stage from 6-12 months, the teen stage at 12-15 months, the mature stage around 15-18 months and the rooted stage at 18-21 months. The more mature your locs are, the more freedom you have to maneuver your mane whenever the mood strikes.

70 Dreadlock Hairstyles for Every Stage of Your Loc Journey

No matter where you are on your loc journey, we’ve got you covered with styles you can rock now and looks you can look forward to. And if you’re just considering dreads and curious about what awaits, enjoy the inspiration.

Remember, although dreadlocks can technically be combed out, ain’t nobody got time for that. They’re essentially a permanent hairstyle so approach and take care of them accordingly.

1. High Loc Petal Puff

High loc petal puff hairstyle on a Black woman with dreadlocks
IG: @sunshine.locd

Pretty and surprisingly easy, loc petal hairstyles can be created by literally looping each dread and securing it with a rubber band in the desired design.

2. Two Loc Petal Ponytails

Black woman with dreadlocks wearing two loc petal ponytails
IG: @locksbymeli

3. Burgundy Dreadlocks Faux Bob

Black woman with long dreadlocks wearing them in a short faux locs bob
IG: @missrii

When you want to switch things up, opt for a shorter style without using scissors. This beautiful burgundy faux locs bob can be created by wrapping the hair around itself in barrel loc knots to the desired length.

4. Short Blonde High Loc Ponytail

Black woman with short blonde dreadlocks in high ponytail
IG: @westindieray

We absolutely adore blonde locs, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before you even reach for the bleach. Check out the video below for tips on achieving this lovely lightened look.

5. Spiral Dreadlock Frohawk

Spiral dreadlock frohawk hairstyle on Black woman
IG: @munaluchibride

A fresh retwist lays the foundation for this formal frohawk. And while you could probably do it yourself with some practice, for loc styles that are beyond your skillset, it’d be wise to book an appointment with a loctician for more elaborate designs or special occasions, like your wedding.

6. Half-Up Half-Down Bronze Locs Bun

Black woman wearing a half-up half-down bronze dreadlock bun hairstyle

Whether you’re wearing a half-up half-down style, or side-by-side pigtails, going bronze is a surefire way to make your loc looks pop.

7. Two Bronze Dreadlocks Pigtails

Black woman wearing two bronze dreadlock pigtails
IG: @thatsnajma

8. Loc Knots Pixie

Black woman wearing her dreadlocks in a loc knot pixie hairstyle
IG: @lenebean_

Until the Wrap-a-Loc is removed to show off perfectly poppin’ curls, the tool can be kept in to create this pretty little pixie. Needless to say, we love a style within a style.

9. Retro Victory Rolls on Braided Dreadlocks

Black woman wearing retro victory rolls on her braided dreadlocks
IG: @keishacharmaine

Retro and romantic, these victory rolls are perfect for date night, but still a winner any day of the week. Check out the tutorial to slay this style and more.

10. Face-Framing Ginger Blonde Microlocs

Black woman wearing face-framing ginger blonde micro locs
IG: @keke.j_

Selectively placed color along her hairline made her face-framing microlocs pop even more. And the best part is she didn’t even have to use bleach to get this gorgeous ginger blonde.

11. Two Strand Twists Layered Loc Bob

Black woman wearing her dreadlocks in a two strand twisted layered bob with hair jewelry
IG: @cypashore

Two strand twists look just as good on locs, especially in a layered bob like this. The hair jewelry just adds a more boho vibe, completing an already sexy style.

12. Half-Up Half-Down Blonde Dreadlocks with Faux Bangs

Black woman wearing half-up half-down blonde dreadlocks with faux bangs
IG: @westindieray

You can enjoy the beauty of bangs without having to cut your luscious locs.

Simply bend each loc to the desired length, creating a loop. Then wrap the loc around itself, pulling through the loop at the end to hold.

13. Long Wavy Honey Blonde Dreadlocks

Black woman wearing long wavy honey blonde dreadlocks with middle part
IG: @xenoughsaidx

A slight wave is a simple way to elevate these long, and already lovely, honey blonde locs.

14. Blonde Dreadlocks Bubble Ponytail

Black woman wearing a mixed blonde dreadlocks bubble ponytail hairstyle
IG: @dbellalocs

Locs can be secured in sections to create this stunning mixed blonde bubble ponytail, perfect for an every day or edgy night out look.

15. Half-Up Half-Down Blonde Locs

Black woman wearing a half-up half-down blonde dreadlocks hairstyle
IG: @guddurlgonelocd

Nothing beats the ease of a half-up half-down hairstyle.

16. Dreadlocks Bob

Black woman wearing a dreadlocks bob hairstyle

It’s no secret how much we appreciate the beauty of bob hairstyles. And this laid loc look is clearly no exception.

17. Jumbo Bantu Knot Locs

Jumbo bantu knot locs hairstyle on a Black woman with natural hair
IG: @sunshine.locd

For a sleeker look, don’t skip the fresh retwist. Otherwise, you can just start by misting your locs with moisturizing spray to make them more pliable and dividing them into sections with an equal number in each.

Apply oil and gel cream to the roots, before brushing and securing with an elastic band. Then, two strand twist each section, wrap it around itself and bobby pin it into place.

Feel free to lay your edges if you like, but your bantu knot locs can be lit without it.

18. Dreadlocks Bun with Bangs

Black woman wearing a dreadlocks bun hairstyle with bangs

Easy and breezy, a classic bun and bangs can’t be beaten.

19. Sisterlocks Cornrow Updo with Bangs

Back view of a Black woman wearing a Sisterlocks cornrow updo with bangs
IG: @thereallockedbyaj

Because Sisterlocks™ are much thinner than traditonal locs, and similar to strands of hair, looks like this classy cornrowed updo are easier to create, and actually resemble “real” bangs.

20. Dreadlocks Crown Braid Updo

Black woman wearing a dreadlocks crown braid updo hairstyle
IG: @keke.j_

The unexpected hint of green in this updo hairstyle adds edge without sacrificing the elegance.

21. Salt and Pepper Dreadlocks Bob

Black woman wearing a salt and pepper dreadlocks bob hairstyle
IG: @thereshegrows.jpg @naturalhairandlocbar

The traces of grey throughout this bob are absolutely gorgeous. To loosely quote one of our favorite old-school groups, “Salt and pepper’s here and it’s in effect! Get up on this.”

22. High Loc Petal Ponytail with Bangs

Black woman with dreadlocks wearing a high loc petal ponytail hairstyle with bangs
IG: @jackiedoesmyhair

Looking just like a flower in bloom, this fabulous loc petal ponytail is everything.

23. Sisterlocks Lob with Blonde Tips

Black woman wearing a Sisterlocks lob hairstyle with blonde tips
IG: @miesh_b

Get that grown out color look by just dipping the tips of your locs in a bold blonde. It’s still interesting without having to go all in.

24. Microlocs in High Layered Bun

Black woman with microlocs wearing a high layered bun hairstyle
IG: @missrii

Sis could have stopped at a basic bun and still looked beautiful, but this layered look is a mane masterpiece.

25. Dreadlocks in Victory Rolls

Black woman wearing her dreadlocks in victory rolls
IG: @thatsnajma

Two words. STUN. NING!

26. Blonde Locs High Bun with Faux Bangs

Black woman with blonde dreadlocks in a high bun hairstyle with faux bangs
IG: @westindieray

Another lovely look with bangs that don’t call for cutting your locs, and we are here faux it.

27. Side-Swept Berry Red Dreadlocks

Black woman wearing side-swept berry red dreadlocks

While sis was seemingly born to wear this bold and berry in your face look, we get that everybody ain’t able to pull off these brightly-colored locs.

28. Burgundy Micro Locs

Black woman wearing short burgundy micro locs
IG: @katscoils_

For a slightly more subtle, not to mention temporary approach, Hair Paint Wax can be used to test the red waters.

29. Half-Up Half-Down Dreadlocks Crown Braid

Black woman wearing a half-up half-down dreadlocks crown braid hairstyle

This half-up half-down crown braid hairstyle is clearly fit for a queen.

30. Short Dreadlocks Layered Bob

Black woman wearing a short dreadlocks layered bob
IG: @senegyall

Short and still serving, this look is proof that locs can look bomb at any length.

31. Spiral Dreadlocks High Side Ponytail

Black woman wearing a spiral dreadlocks high side ponytail hairstyle
IG: @missrii

On the opposite end of the length spectrum is this voluminous spiral side ponytail. Needless to say, this is long-term loc goals.

32. Space Buns Dreadlocks

Black woman wearing a dreadlocks space buns hairstyle

Slightly messy, but still marvelous. Houston we have no problem with this space bun hairstyle.

33. Two Strand Twists Short Loc Bob

Black woman with dreadlocks in a two strand twists short bob hairstyle
IG: @locsofkeema

This bob is laid, thanks to a little loc pomade and rubber-banded two strand twists.

34. Voluminous Chestnut Dreadlocks

Black woman wearing long chestnut dreadlocks

From the length, to the thickness and color, what’s not to love about these voluminous chestnut dreadlocks?

35. Honey Blonde Sisterlocks with Loose Curls

Black woman wearing honey blonde Sisterlocks with loose curls
IG: @thatfroislocd

These sultry, loose curls were created by spritzing her Sisterlocks™ with water and setting them on Lock Loops. Ooh-la-locs!

36. Half-Up Dreadlocks Side Ponytail

Black woman wearing a half-up half-down dreadlocks hairstyle with a high side ponytail
IG: @sunshine.locd

Leave half of your locs down and put the other half into a high side ponytail for a super cute and super quick style.

37. Microloc Extensions in Straight-Back Cornrows

Black woman wearing microlocs extensions in straight-back cornrows hairstyle
IG: @keke.j_

We’re already a massive fan of straight-backs, but watching this style come to life on a short bob, thanks to microloc extensions, is next level.

38. Short Caramel Dreadlocks with Headband

Black woman wearing short caramel dreadlocks with a headband
IG: @faypeck

As far as we’re concerned, adding a headband is a hairstyle. Keep your locs off your face, show off your features and look fab in the process. It’s a win-win.

39. Platinum Blonde Dreadlocks High Bun

Black woman wearing a platinum blonde dreadlocks high bun hairstyle
IG: @clairesulmers

Bleached blonde and bunned, what’s not to love about this platinum loc look?

40. Dreadlocks Retro Faux Afro

Black woman wearing her dreadlocks in a retro faux afro hairstyle

We’ve already shown how locs can be styled into short looks without cutting them. But this faux take on an afro is next level.

Curly locs were carefully wrapped around her head and secured with pins to create this righteous and retro afro.

41. Auburn Microlocs Bob

Black woman wearing an auburn microlocs layered bob
IG: @katscoils_

Just over 2 years into her DIY microlocs journey, we’re feeling this layered auburn look.

42. Copper Layered Dreadlocks Lob

Black woman wearing a copper layered dreadlocks lob hairstyle
IG: @lenebean_

Proof that everyone’s journey is different, this is what three years of being loc’d can look like, and we’re loving every bit of it.

43. Blonde Dreadlocks High Ponytail with Tendrils

Black woman wearing a blonde dreadlocks high ponytail hairstyle with tendrils
IG: @zyahbelle

A few locs left out in both the front and the back, lend a little visual interest to an otherwise perfect high ponytail.

44. Ginger Dreadlocks High Bun

Black woman wearing ginger dreadlocks in a high bun hairstyle
IG: @cypashore

It’s safe to say that a high bun will always be a go-to hairstyle, but adding jewelry can make your locs even more charming.

45. Long Curly Dreadlocks

Black woman wearing long dreadlocks with burgundy highlights in loose curls
IG: @missrii

There are so many different ways to curl your dreads, from rollers and loc knots to perm rods and pipe cleaners, don’t be afraid to experiment to find the methods that work best on your mane. As you can see, it’ll be worth the effort.

46. Short Dreadlocks Updo in Head Wrap

Black woman wearing a short dreadlocks updo hairstyle in a head wrap
IG: @posh_syd

Create a casual updo with a haute headwrap that complements your features and your outfit, so you can serve face and fashion-forward.

47. Red Dreadlocks Half-Up in Bantu Knots

Black woman wearing red half-up half-down hairstyle with bantu knots and dreadlocks
IG: @cypashore

Fierce and fiery, this red half-up half-down bantu knot locs hairstyle is lit.

48. Blonde Peek-a-Boo Dreadlocks

Black woman wearing long peekaboo dreadlocks hairstyle with blonde

They might not notice your pop of peek a boo color until you walk away, but they will remember it.

49. Wavy Red Dreadlocks

Black woman wearing thick wavy red dreadlocks
IG: @cypashore

It takes a special kind of confidence to rock these wavy red locs, but you can tell this naturalista knows she’s bad.

50. Side-Swept Locs


A huge part of the appeal of locs is the ability to mostly wake up and go. Effortlessly sexy, this side-swept look is proof.

51. Two Blonde Dreadlock Pigtails

Black woman wearing two blonde dreadlock pigtails with bangs
IG: @westindieray

A super cute school-girl style, these two blonde dreadlock pigtails, get an A+ from us.

52. Short Dreadlocks with Side Flat Twists

Black woman wearing short dreadlocks hairstyle with flat twists on one side
IG: @ange_liah

From the size to the style, to the precise parts, these side-swept locs are literally perfection.

53. Real Blonde Locs with Faux Ponytail

Black woman wearing a blonde faux ponytail over her real dreadlocks
IG: @dbellalocs

This lovely look combines real locs with a faux blonde ponytail for an unexpected texture twist.

54. Long Ombre Microlocs

Black woman wearing long ombre microlocs

Whether you intentionally opted for ombre, or the color’s just grown out, these long microlocs are ombre-lievable.

55. Dreadlocks Side Twist

Black woman wearing her dreadlocks in a side twist hairstyle
IG: @ashley4odom

A fresh retwist ensures that this lovely side-twisted loc look stays laid.

56. Layered Blonde Dreadlocks Bob with Faux Bangs

Black woman wearing a layered blonde dreadlocks bob hairstyle with faux bangs
IG: @westindieray

We can’t say enough about the versatility of locs, but the ability to explore shorter lengths without a commitment, is hands down our favorite thing.

Whether you just want to wrap your bangs, experiment with a layered look or even a blunt bob, it’s not only possible, but it’s the perfect way to ensure you never get bored with your hair.

57. Auburn Wavy Wrapped Locs Faux Bob

Black woman wearing an auburn wavy wrapped dreadlocks faux bob hairstyle
IG: @lenebean_

58. Classic Dreadlocks Bun

Black woman wearing her dreadlocks in a classic bun hairstyle

As far as ease and elegance, a classic bun wins every time.

59. Short Blonde Dreadlocks Pixie

Black woman wearing a short blonde dreadlocks pixie
IG: @_ahintofcrystelle

Warm blonde locs with platinum tips ensure this pixie stands out amongst the short styles.

60. Half-Up Half-Down Red Dreadlocks Space Buns

Black woman wearing a half-up half-down hairstyle with blonde and red dreadlocks in space buns
IG: @tondra_jnoura

This hairstyle might be part blonde, part red, half-up and half-down, but as far as we’re concerned this bold look is all good.

61. Dreadlocks in Sleek Low Side Ponytail

Black woman with long dreadlocks worn in a sleek, low side ponytail
IG: @keishacharmaine

A fresh retwist using her own Love, Light & Locs Gel lays the foundation for this sleek ponytail look.

62. Double Dreadlocks Afro Puffs

Black woman wearing double dreadlocks afro puffs hairstyle

IG: @jackiedoesmyhair

In a matter of minutes, you can gather your locs up into two polished afro puffs, then rock on with your bad self.

63. Short Microlocs Curly Bob

Black woman wearing a short microlocs curly bob
IG: @kendrakenshay

Recreate the cute spiral curls on this microlocs bob with either satin sponge rollers or rods.

64. Retro Microlocs

Black woman wearing microlocs in a short retro hairstyle
IG: @keke.j_

A partially side swept style, gives these microlocs a retro vibe, without losing its modern sophistication.

65. Half-Up Half-Down Two Dreadlock Ponytails

Black woman wearing a half-up half-down hairstyle with two dreadlock ponytails and bangs
IG: @westindieray

How adorable is this half-up half-down hairstyle with bangs?

66. Nefertiti Crown

Black woman wearing a Nefertiti Crown dreadlock hairstyle
IG: @lenebean_

Serving regal realness in this loc style reminiscent of Nefertiti’s crown, all we can say is Yas Queen.

67. Bronze Dreadlocks Space Buns

Black woman wearing a bronze dreadlocks space buns hairstyle

It should be no surprise that space buns are a favorite style, but it’s the color that’s out of this world.

68. Dreadlocks in High Side Ponytail

Black woman with dreadlocks worn in a high side ponytail hairstyle

Cute and carefree, don’t dismiss a high side ponytail hairstyle, especially when you’re in a hurry.

69. Two Strand Twisted Side-Swept Spiral Dreadlocks

Black woman wearing a two strand twists side-swept spiral dreadlocks hairstyle
IG: @missrii

Fitting for any formal event, this two strand twisted spiral dreadlocks hairstyle is the epitome of sophistication.

70. Kinky Curly Wig Over Dreadlocks

Black woman wearing a kinky curly wig over her microlocs
IG: @keke.j_

No matter how much you love your locs, it’s not uncommon to want to explore a totally different look, even for a few days. A kinky coily wig is a great way to test out a different texture, while still representing for the curly girls.

Since you’ve made this far, hopefully these hairstyles helped you realize what’s truly possible with dreadlocks. But if you’re still on the fence about getting them, check out these faux loc looks until you’re ready to commit.