40 Easy Natural Hairstyles for Black Women (They’re Cute and Quick)

Whether you’re in search of looks that are beginner-friendly or you’re bored and just trying to switch things up, if you’re in need of some easy natural hairstyles, allow us to assist you with the effortless slay.

40 Easy Natural Hairstyles You Can Do At Home

FYI, basic skills will be required, which you can hone over time, but all of these styles are easy enough for you to do at home yourself.

Sure, setting your natural hair might take a little more practice to make perfect, but if you know how to create even one braid, cornrow, flat twist, two strand twist, puff and bun, then none of these looks will be off limits. After that, it’s just a matter of repetition and following directions, varying the number and sizes.

1. Two Cornrows

Black woman wearing her natural hair in two cornrows hairstyle
IG: @euniceasiedu

Part your hair on your favorite side (every naturalista has a preference) and cornrow two braids toward the back of your head. Instead of leaving the ends to dangle, wrap them into a small bun to create a pretty, protective style in minutes.

2. Halo Braid

Black woman wearing halo braid hairstyle on her natural hair
IG: @syeda_bombom

Similar to the braids above, but looser and partless, this halo hairstyle, complete with gold cord and cuffs, makes a fabulous boho or festive look.

3. Half-Up Half-Down Braid Out

Half-up half-down braid out on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @ulovemegz

You can’t go wrong with a half-up half-down hairstyle. This one was achieved on an old braid out, but it can be done regardless of what your starting style is.

4. Temporary Hair Color

Twist out on Black woman with temporary red color on her natural hair
IG: @itsdoreseb

Whether you want to be a fiery redhead or have more fun as a blonde, rocking bold gold, thanks to temporary hair color brands like Curls Unleashed Color Blast or As I Am Curl Color, you can test the rainbow, without damaging your natural hair.

5. Bantu Knot Out

Bantu knot out hairstyle on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @texturedtalk

Like bantu knots becoming a bantu knot out, nothing beats a natural hairstyle that can be worn one way and then removed, or unraveled for an equally appealing look.

6. Two Strand Twists Updo

Two strand twists updo on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @razorempress

Two strand twists are probably the easiest low manipulation look to install and they can be styled an endless number of ways, particularly the smaller they are in size.

And just by tucking in or putting away those ends, you can turn them into a long-term protective style. Needless to say, they’re pretty and practical.

7. Chunky Twist Out on Stretched Natural Hair

Black woman wearing chunky twist out hairstyle on her stretched natural hair
IG: @rachealakua

Deciding whether you want to start on wet or dry hair is typically your first twist out decision. This charming, chunky look was created on stretched natural hair, which tends to result in less definition, but more elongation.

8. Defined Twist Out

Black woman with long natural hair wearing defined twist out hairstyle
IG: @naturallynella

On the contrary, beginning with wet or damp hair delivers far more definition, but less elongation. Luckily, the latter will come as your curls loosen over time.

For more twist out hairstyles, tricks, tips and tutorials, make your way over here.

9. Twisted Bun

Twisted high bun on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @brianalynee

Start by slicking your hair up into a high afro puff. Then, divide your hair into 3-5 sections, two strand twisting each one. Keep in mind, that the chunkier they are, the more volume your final look will have. Lastly, freestyle pin them into place, creating a bun in the process.

If you want to get fancy, you can create two flat twists going up the back first, but that’s totally not necessary for this cute, classy look.

10. Bun Hawk

Black woman with natural hair wearing bun hawk hairstyle with cornrows
IG: @thechicnatural

This bun hawk looks best on stretched natural hair. While her frohawk would have still been fire with just three buns, and you can feel free to stop there, adding cornrowed accent braids takes it to a whole other level.

Splitting a pack of braiding hair into three and using it to top each section off with a knotted bun is…chef’s kiss.

11. Flexi Rod Set

Black woman with natural hair wearing fluffy flexi rod set
IG: @_harrisjanae_

Applied to dry hair, the Fortify’d Naturals Collection was used to hydrate, define and pump up the volume of this fluffy flexi rod set. And we’re here for every bit of this height.

12. Flexi Rod Set with Flat Twist

Flexi rod set with flat twist on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @jd_winters

Short hair. Don’t care. Created using Luster’s Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Collection, this perm rod set is the definition of perfection. A single flat twist puts the finishing touch on an already adorable look.

If you’re feeling it as much as we are, head this way for even more rod set hairstyles.

13. Braid Out with Clip-Ins

Natural hair braid out hairstyle with clip-ins on Black woman
IG: @itsthatezi

First, her clip-ins were washed, conditioned and detangled to help them blend better when used. Once dry, they were installed, braided along with her natural hair and later unraveled to reveal this beautiful braid out.

14. Flat Twisted Frohawk

Frohawk perm rod set hairstyle with flat twists on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @jd_winters

Reminiscent of a frohawk, but far more subtle, this perm rod set with flat twists is tame but still terrific.

15. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots on Black woman with natural hair

If you can create a classic bun, then bantu knots should be no problem. You just twist each section of hair, until it starts to wrap around itself. Continue until the ends are secured at the base to protect them.

If you’re feeling brave and want to go a little bolder, have we got the bantu knot hairstyles for you.

16. Twist and Curl

Black woman wearing a twist and curl hairstyle on her long natural hair
IG: @jd_winters

Half two strand twist, half perm rod set, this twist and curl hairstyle is all good.

17. Flat Twist Out

Flat twist out on Black woman with short natural hair
IG: @just_meka_

Every now and then you might want to switch up your go-to two strand twist out for a fierce flat twist out instead.

While having the right products will absolutely affect your results no matter which style you choose, this flat twist out can attribute much of its fabulousness to being done on healthy, natural hair. Fresh off a second big chop, the shape is perfection, her mane is moisturized, and the curls are popping.

18. Wash and Go

Wash and go hairstyle on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @shaniquebuntyn

While the process isn’t as simple as the name implies, achieving a bomb wash and go is worth the effort.

Just remember, to get the best results, stylers must be applied to wet hair, always work in small sections, be generous with the gel, and don’t touch your hair while it’s drying.

19. Curly Frohawk with Flat Twists

Curly frohawk hairstyle with flat twists on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @modelesque_nic

Why just wash and go when you can pin your hair up into this fierce frohawk in no time? Add a flat twist on each side, leave a few tendrils to hang, and just like that you’re good to go.

20. Two Cornrows with Weave

Two long braided cornrows on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @felicerosee

As you’ve already seen, two cornrows work wonderfully without weave, but you can always add braiding hair, to achieve a bigger, bolder and longer look.

21. Two Low Buns

Black woman wearing her natural hair in two low messy buns with bobby pins across the front
IG: @razorempress

Your bobby pins don’t always have to be hidden. Not just for holding, they can be added to a hairstyle, like these two low messy buns, for an unexpected but fab, final look.

22. Space Buns

Space buns hairstyle on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @syeda_bombom

Why stop at one bun, when you can create two, especially if they’re out of this world?

23. Low Clip-In Ponytail

Curly clip-in low ponytail hairstyle on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @thebrilliantbeauty

Braid a small section in the middle of your hair into a single cornrow, before slicking all of it back into a low ponytail.

Then, add braiding hair to create a longer ponytail, so that the clip-ins have something to hold on to. Once that’s done, the clip-ins can be secured starting at the bottom of the ponytail and wrapped upward to the base, giving a full, layered and natural look.

Cheap, chic and easy? Yes, please.

24. Ninja Bun

Ninja bun hairstyle on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @slimreshae

In just a few minutes with minimal skills, you can create a tall, taut and gorgeous ninja bun.

Simply gather your natural hair into a high ponytail and split it into two sections. Twist one side with your left hand and the other with your right. Then, wrap each one around the other from the opposite direction, layering vertically, as you go.

25. Slick Jumbo Bun

Black woman wearing slick jumbo bun hairstyle on her 4C natural hair
IG: @sheilandinda

At the opposite end of the size spectrum is this jumbo classic bun done on slicked back tresses. If your length isn’t quite there yet, a pack of braiding hair can easily be added for maximum impact.

26. Two Jumbo Pigtails

Two jumbo pigtails on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @shaiannj

Jumbo braiding hair supersized this style and proved that pigtails can be absolutely adorable at any age.

27. Mini Box Braids without Weave

Black woman with natural hair wearing mini box braids without extensions
IG: @syeda_bombom

We’ve gotten so used to knotless box braids, we sometimes forget it’s possible to do them without adding extensions. The process is similar but actually much simpler, since you don’t have to feed-in hair.

Start on stretched natural hair, part it in a box and braid, twirling the ends to hold. Rinse and repeat until your whole head is done. Then, you can let them hang or arrange them in whatever style tickles your fancy.

28. Low Ponytail with Clip-Ins

Low ponytail with clip-ins on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @qourtknee

Slick your natural hair back into a low ponytail, ideally with a strong hold botanical gel. Then, if your length isn’t quite goals yet, add texture matching clip-ins for the win.

29. Curled Afro Puff

Curled afro puff hairstyle on Black woman with natural hair

Gather hair into a high puff and set small sections on rods or rollers to achieve a similar curl.

If you want to skip the set completely, you can opt for the roll, tuck and pin approach to create this elegant updo.

30. Two Afro Puffs

Two ginger afro puffs hairstyle on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @annisalimara

Styling natural hair doesn’t have to be time consuming. In less than 5 minutes, you can brush it up into two polished afro puffs, then rock on with your bad self.

31. Straight Back Cornrows

Straight-back cornrows hairstyle without extensions on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @syeda_bombom

You seriously can’t go wrong with a straight-back style. Created using alternating size cornrows on wet hair, this look is definitely sexy. But starting on dry, stretched, detangled natural hair will help make the parting easier and overall results smoother.

32. Afro with Deep Side Part

Afro hairstyle with deep side part on a Black woman with natural hair

As long as it’s hydrated and moisturized, let your natural hair do what it do. Beyond a deep side part for visual interest, or lifting it at the roots with a pick for more volume, your afro is amazing all on its own.

33. Bubble Ponytail

High side bubble ponytail hairstyle on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @clatodd

We’re suckers for a protective ponytail hairstyle that you can pull off in a snap. So this bubble ponytail, also known as a pom pom ponytail, is a great go-to look.

After gathering your natural hair into a high bun, attach your braiding hair, pinning it into place at the base.

Then add elastic bands evenly spaced along the length of the ponytail, fluffing out as you go.

34. Bubble Frohawk

Bubble frohawk hairstyle with gold cuffs on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @_harrisjanae_

Don’t be intimidated by this fabulous frohawk. This style is actually much more straightforward than it looks.

Simply part and pull your natural hair back into three ponytails. Split each one into two halves, top and bottom, not side by side.

Then go section by section, bobby pinning one half under and the other half up, which will give you that beautiful bubble effect when they connect. Finish off with some jewelry and lay your edges if you like.

35. Afro Puff Bun with Two Strand Twist and Tendrils

Black woman with afro puff bun and a two strand twist bang hairstyle on her natural hair
IG: @lavishlybritt

This simple style tends to look best on an old wash and go. Just gather your hair into a high afro puff, leaving a small section out in the front, as well as on both sides.

Wrap around and freestyle pin parts of your puff to create this messy bun. Then to complete the look, two strand twist your bang and use gel to retwirl your tendrils.

36. Flat Twist Halo Updo

Flat twisted halo hairstyle with middle twist on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @mynaturalsistas

Remix your boho chic halo braid by opting for flat twists instead of cornrows and adding a third one down the center. It’s an easy way to switch up a classic natural look.

37. Finger Coils

Black woman wearing finger coils hairstyle on ginger TWA
IG: @crystalotv

Coils and color create a must-have combo on this teeny weeny afro.

After applying your liquid leave-in, moisturizing cream and gel, rapidly brush your hair in circles all over to start creating a coily look. Then, simply take one small section at a time and twist up from the root in the direction that you want the hair to lay.

And just like that you have an easy natural hairstyle, literally right at your finger tips.

38. Flat Twist with Afro Puff

Flat twist with afro puff hairstyle on Black woman with short natural hair
IG: @naturallydidi

Start this style upfront with a diagonally parted flat twist bobby pinned on the side. Then, secure the back with a scrunchie. If your curls aren’t quite popping yet, either two strand twisting small sections or setting them on perm rods should do the trick.

39. Roller Set

Roller set hairstyle on a Black woman with medium natural hair
IG: @irisbeilin

You can get silk press-like results without the need for, and damage from, direct heat.

Start by setting your natural hair on large rollers. Once it’s thoroughly dry, remove the rollers and brush your hair, wrapping it around your head.

Cover with Saran Wrap and sit back under the dryer on COOL for 10 minutes. Take it down and prepare to be amazed.

40. Afro Puff with Head Wrap

High afro puff hairstyle with head wrap on a Black woman with natural hair

Not just for “bad hair days,” a head wrap can add some pizazz to a plain, but still pretty hairstyle.

Look, when time is of the essence or patience is running low, we’ve got you. Remember, these easy natural hairstyles are just what you need so your slay never has to suffer.