35 Fierce Frohawk Natural Hairstyles that are Un-FRO-gettable

Easy and edgy, a frohawk is a must-try twist on the traditional mohawk. See, while we love a good natural style with shaved sides, thanks to a frohawk, also known as a faux mohawk, you can get all of the drama, without the commitment of cutting your hair.

How to Create a Frohawk on Natural Hair

You honestly don’t even have to wash your hair. It’s the ideal way to postpone your next shampoo when you’re not in the mood. An old braid or twist out, even a rod set, makes the perfect foundation for a frohawk.

From there, a brush, gel and bobby pins are technically all you need. Brush your hair up on both sides of your head toward each other, slicking it down and securing it in place, as they meet in the middle. Much like a mohawk, the goal is to create a strip where the volume of your natural hair is concentrated down the center of your head.

Throw in some braiding hair, clip-ins, or even a faux pony if you don’t have the length for the look you want. It really is one of the easiest natural hairstyles to achieve.

35 Fab Frohawk Hairstyles that Let You Mimic a Mohwak

No matter your hair length, type or even the occasion, there’s a frohawk for you. So scroll down for all of the tips, tricks and tutorials you need. Not to mention, plenty of inspiration.

Because if you haven’t tried this style yet, you’re definitely missing out. Luckily, the best way to get over your FOMO is to try a faux mo.

1. Bun Hawk with Cornrows

Black woman with natural hair wearing a bun hawk with cornrows
IG: @thechicnatural

This bun hawk looks best on stretched natural hair. While her frohawk would have still been fire with just three buns, adding accent braids took it to a whole other level.

She then split a pack of braiding hair into three and used it to top each section off with a knotted bun. Chef’s kiss.

2. Bubble Ponytail Frohawk

Black woman with natural hair wearing bun hawk hairstyle with gold cuffs
IG: @_harrisjanae_

Don’t be intimidated by this fabulous frohawk. This style is actually much more straightforward than it looks.

Simply part and pull your natural hair back into three ponytails. Split each one into two halves, top and bottom, not side by side.

Then go section by section, bobby pinning one half under and the other half up, which will give you that beautiful bubble effect when they connect. Finish off with some jewelry and lay your edges if you like.

3. Blonde Curly Frohawk

Black woman with natural hair in a blonde curly faux hawk hairstyle using a drawstring ponytail
IG: @jane.blackmen

A drawstring ponytail is a simple way to bring the drama to your frohawk. With all of the colors and textures available, your only limit is your imagination.

They say blondes have more fun, but the next burgundy look is actually berry tempting.

4. Curly Burgundy Frohawk

Black woman with natural hair in burgundy curly frohawk hairstyle created using a drawstring ponytail
IG: @thebrilliantbeauty

For this super stylish look, sis used the Equal Drawstring Ponytail Natural Fro, Color 99J and it is serving.

5. Blue Frohawk with Cornrows

Curly blue frohawk with cornrows on natural hair
IG: @stacysinterlude

Short hair. Don’t care. This natural beauty is proof that pieces and ponytails are nice, but not needed. Looking beautiful in blue, you can get a similar temporary color using hair wax and avoid the blues from permanently coloring your hair.

6. Bobby Pinned Curly Frohawk

Faux mohawk with bobby pin accessories on a Black woman with tapered natural hair
IG: @pekelariley

When it comes to frohawks, you can make your own rules. Your bobby pins don’t always have to be hidden with this hairstyle. Feel free to create a design or choose colored clips, that can be showcased on the side, like in this tapered look.

7. Braid Out Frohawk

Black woman with natural hair in braid out frohawk
IG: @vanlenore

Once you’ve mastered a braid out, you’re more than halfway there with this hairstyle. Just brush both sides back, bobby pin into place and allow your bangs to cascade forward for a simple frohawk that slays every time.

8. Bun Hawk

Bun hawk hairstyle on natural hair
IG: @jd_winters

If you can create one bun, you can just as easily make three and pull off this basic but banging, bun hawk in minutes.

9. Cornrow Braided Frohawk with Buns

Bunhawk with cornrows and star design on natural hair

As you can see, frohawks can be as simple or intricate as your imagination allows. The subtle star design, coupled with cornrows and wavy parts, make what could have been an easy braided bun hawk, even more beautiful.

10. Tapered Curly Frohawk

Curly frohawk using faux puff on Black woman with short natural hair
IG: @thebrilliantbeauty

This is giving the quintessential curly frohawk for short natural hair. As long as you can slick back your sides and gather your hair into a high bun, you’ll be good to go. Cover it with a faux puff and bobby pin into place. Then simply shift and shape until you get your desired height and volume.

For the step-by-step specifics, click here.

11. Cornrowed Blonde Frohawk on TWA

Cornrowed blonde frohawk on short natural hair
IG: @fitness_journee

A frohawk is also an awesome look for natural hair that’s at that “awkward length.” Just add some visual interest on the sides with tribal cornrows to complement your blonde curls on top and voilá…Awkward where?

12. Box Braids Bun Hawk

Marsai Martin wearing box braids bun hawk
IG: nicky-b-on-hair @marsaimartin

Easily twist knotless box braids into a bun hawk to serve double the protective style perfection.

13. Afro Puffs Frohawk

Black woman with natural hair in accessorized afro puffs frohawk
IG: @iamstarrhoward

This afro puffs frohawk is clearly poppin’. Make your style statement loud and clear with hair pin bling that lets everybody know it .

14. Gravity-Defying Frohawk with Side Twists

Frohawk with side twists on Black woman with short natural hair
IG: @queenteshna

We call this the no-need-to-wash-and-go-frohawk. Just spritz your hair with leave-in conditioner or water to refresh your curls. No worries if you don’t know how to flat twist. You can simply twist and roll the sides for a similar effect and add some colorful accessories. Bobby pin the center in place and you’re good to go.

15. Curly Frohawk with Flat Twist

Frohawk with flat twists on Black woman with curly natural hair
IG: @modelesque_nic

Similar to the style above, this frohawk features actual flat twists and more defined curls, making the subtle differences merely a matter of preference.

16. Frohawk with Cornrows on 4C TWA

Frohawk with cornrows on short 4C natural hair
IG: @sheilandinda

Shrinkage will have you thinking that you don’t have options with short 4C hair. Well not only is a fab frohawk possible, but teeny, weeny cornrows make the style even cuter.

17. Feed-In Flat Twists on Braided Mohawk

Feed in flat twists braided mohawk hairstyle on natural hair created by Game of Fros
IG: @game_of_fros

Glamorous, gorgeous and gentle on your natural hair, this feed-in flat twisted frohawk is everything you could want in a protective hairstyle and more.

18. Half-Up Half-Down Frohawk

Half-Up half-down frohawk hairstyle on Black woman with natural hair

It’s no secret that we love a good half-up half-down hairstyle. Thanks to a little help from a matching faux pony for added flair, this frohawk is no exception.

19. Spiral Dreadlock Frohawk

Black woman with long dreadlocks in formal faux mohawk hairstyle for wedding
Muna Luchi Bridal

A fresh retwist lays the foundation for this formal frohawk. And while you could probably do it yourself with some practice, for loc styles that are beyond your skillset, it’d be wise to book an appointment with a loctician for more elaborate designs or special occasions.

20. Fishtail Frohawk

Natural bride wearing frohawk hairstyle with blonde fishtail braid
IG: @awalkingdoxology

Equal parts edgy and elegant, this two-color fishtail frohawk, is the perfect way for a natural bride to wow on her wedding day.

21. Honey Blonde Frohawk with Flat Twists

Curly honey blonde frohawk with flat twists on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @ravishing_tresses

If you can flat twist your natural hair, you can create this fab frohawk. The parts don’t even have to be perfect to pull it off either. A smooth perm rod set in the middle brings the color to life and completes the coily look.

22. Frohawk with Long Braid

Frohawk with long braid on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @makemydayartistry @kendalwoots

Featuring a long braided ponytail that stretches from her crown on down her body, with accent cornrows and blonde highlights, this frohawk hairstyle really proves what’s possible with a little creativity, not to mention color.

23. Loose Curly Frohawk with Bangs

Roller set frohawk with bangs on Black woman with natural hair

We’re not sure whether the height or hair color commands more attention on this frohawk with fringe. Either way, this voluminous, loosely curled look is indeed banging.

24. Roll, Tuck and Pin Frohawk

Roll, tuck and pin frohawk hairstyle on Black woman with natural hair.
IG: @nellzlioness

Want a natural updo that can’t be outdone? This roll, tuck and pin frohawk definitely delivers. Be sure to check out the video below for the step-by-step instructions to achieve this lovely, layered look.

25. Frohawk-Inspired Low Ponytail

Janelle Monae-inspired pompadour frohawk on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @sheilandinda

Texture takes center stage in this must-try twist on the traditional. Both, elegant and eclectic, this frohawk with a pompadour has Janelle Monae written all over it, but is clearly fit for any queen.

26. Rubber Band Updo Braided Frohawk

Rubber band frohawk with large braid on short natural hair
IG: @tupo1

This style makes sure your frohawk always matches the occasion, no matter where you’re going, simply by switching up the piece in the middle.

Start with a pack of 48″ long Super TZ Braiding hair, for example and swap it out later for 3 separated packs of Freetress Wand Curl Braiding Hair. Two or more fabulous looks in one ingenious rubber band updo.

27. Rubber Band Braids Red Frohawk

Rubber band frohawk with red coils on short natural hair
IG: @tupo1

28. Voluminous Frohawk

Black woman with 4C natural hair wearing frohawk hairstyle
IG: @anima.agyeman

Crafted with Aussie Miracle Coils Collection, the versatility and volume of 4C hair is on full display with this massive must-have faux mohawk.

29. Bun Hawk with Low Curly Ponytail

Black woman with natural hair wearing bun hawk protective style with low curly ponytail
IG: @sheilandinda
Profile of Black woman with natural hair wearing bun hawk protective style with low curly ponytail
IG: @sheilandinda

Featuring two buns and a ponytail, this minimal mohawk-inspired hairstyle was created using Sistar Ceres crochet braiding hair.

Much like several of the previous looks, start by parting and securing your natural hair in three sections. Then, work your magic, by wrapping and attaching the faux hair from there.

30. Maze Braids Frohawk

Yara Shahidi wearing frohawk hairstyle with maze cornrows in her natural hair.
IG: @lacyredway @nadyawasylko @yarashahidi

The maze cornrows in this hairstyle are proof of just how creative you can get with the sides of a frohawk. Needless to say, we think they’re amazing. Pun intended.

31. French Roll Frohawk with Cornrows

Black woman with natural hair in a French roll frohawk with cornrows

Part pompadour, french roll and cornrows, this all natural frohawk is all fabulous.

32. Perm Rod Set Fro Hawk

Perm rod set faux mohawk on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @_harrisjanae_

A perm rod set on top with cornrows and silver cuffs on the side? This look just screams festival frohawk. Although you should ideally make sure the middle is completely dry before you remove your rods, a little frizz in this case can turn an otherwise epic fail, into an epic frohawk.

33. Curly Frohawk with Highlights

Curly frohawk with highlights on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @thechicnatural

Created using smaller sections than we typically see, we love the effect of the windmill parts on this frohawk. Depending on the length of your natural hair, you can opt for a flexi rod set or faux ponytail to make the curls come through in the middle.

34. Curly Bun Hawk with Wavy Ponytail

Tia Mowry wearing her natural hair in a curly bun hawk hairstyle with a long wavy ponytail
IG: @tiamowry

Why stick to one look, when you can combine curly buns with a faux pony to create this couture fashion-forward frohawk?

35. Jumbo Braided Frohawk

Black woman with natural hair in a jumbo braided frohawk.

Heads are sure to turn when this style steps into any room. Featuring a wrapped bun with gold cuffs front and center, this jumbo braided frohawk is super-sized sophistication.

Needless to say, it’s easy to see why we consider the frohawk, a must-do hairdo.