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40 Tempting Twist Out Natural Hairstyles with Pics, Tips and Tutorials

A twist out is hands down one of the easiest natural hairstyles to pull off. Not to mention, it works on every hair length, type and density. Still, far too many people complicate the process unnecessarily. These are the “mane” things to keep in mind for the perfect twist out.

Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Twist Out

  1. Start with the proper foundation. A slamming twist out can attribute much of its fabulousness to being done on clean, deep conditioned, healthy, natural hair. When the ends are trimmed, shape is perfection, and your mane is moisturized, the curls are more likely to be popping.
  2. Divide your hair into sections to work through one at a time.
  3. Make sure each section is saturated before applying your twisting cream. Mist with water or leave-in conditioner, if necessary. (This is without a doubt our favorite styler for twist outs, but we also love this one, this one, this one and this one, in no particular order.)
  4. Detangle each section thoroughly just before twisting, as smoothness beforehand is key to sleek results.
  5. When twisting, smaller is not necessarily better. Some trial and error will be needed to determine the right size sections for your hair, however we tend to err on the side of medium.
  6. Keep your parts similar sized for uniform results, and most of all, divide the hair equally, prior to twisting, so both sides are even from root to tip, and you don’t have to take from one to add to the other.
  7. Sit under a hood dryer to set the style, as air drying can often result in puffiness.
  8. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you unravel your twists. Not even the slightest bit of dampness should be detectable or they will frizz.
  9. Apply a light oil to your hands before takedown to add sheen and help prevent frizz while you separate and fluff.
  10. Don’t manipulate too much while styling or you’ll disrupt, or even destroy, the definition.

40 Twist Out Hairstyles Every Naturalista Should Try

Now while we just shared the tips and tricks to keep in mind to achieve an ultra-defined, perfectly separated, texture-poppin’ twist out, we know that’s not necessarily every naturalista’s goal.

Our goal therefore is to explore all of the twist out styling possibilities, from chunky and fluffy to clip-ins and color. Perhaps in the process you’ll redefine what you consider to be the perfect twist out. Not to mention, learn how you can use everything from cornrows, bantu knots and bobby pins to change the game. Or should we say mane?

1. Chunky Twist Out on Stretched Hair

IG: @rachealakua

Deciding whether you want to start on wet or dry hair is one of the most important twist out decisions. This charming, chunky look was created on stretched natural hair, which tends to result in less definition, but more elongation.

2. Defined Twist Out on Long Natural Hair

Defined twist out on Black woman with long natural hair
IG: @naturallynella

On the contrary, beginning with wet or damp hair delivers far more definition, but less elongation. Luckily, the latter will come as your curls loosen over time.

See, a twist out is one of those natural hairstyles that gets better with each day. Just check out this look for proof. Defined using Pydana Collection products, her day 4 hair is still giving.

3. Criss-Cross Twist Out

Twist out on short natural hair with criss cross rubber band crown
IG: @callmechinny

Section off the front of your hair into this cute, criss-cross rubber band style. Creating somewhat of a headband effect, the hair in front is held down, while the twist out at the back is, left loose and luscious.

Be sure to use oiled rubber bands to secure each section and keep breakage to a minimum.

4. Curly Retro Twist Out on Short Natural Hair

Defined curly twist out on Black woman with short natural hair
IG: @juskeepcurlin

The right styler can make all the difference when it comes to your final twist out results. Chocolate Kinks and Curls Hair Milk and Styling Pudding delivered on the definition here, but sadly they’ve closed their doors.

Fortunately, you’ve still got lots of options depending on your hair type and preference.

Just keep in mind that twist and define creams tend to provide moisture and slip as you detangle each section, along with a soft, flexible hold. A botanical gel or mousse, on the other hand are lightweight and great for a strong hold, without drying out your hair or flaking.

Products aside, please make sure your twists are completely dry before takedown or all your hard work would have been for nothing.

5. Three Twists Twist Out

Chunky twist out on Black woman with long natural hair
IG: @dr.karinab

Not everyone has the time, patience or need to twist their hair in small sections. Lazy naturals, this look is for us.

This voluminous twist out is the result of just three twists. Yes, three. And while it might be a tad frizzy, it’s still absolutely terrific.

6. Unseparated Twist Out

Unseparated twist out on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @a_mackcoy

Separating the ends of your hair too much can lead to frizz. This lovely look minimizes the manipulation, which really showcases the definition.

Regardless of how little or much you pull your twists apart, just remember to add a light oil to your hands before you start.

7. Flat Twist Out

Flat twist out hairstyle on Black woman with short natural hair
IG: @just_meka_

Every now and then you might want to switch up your two strand twist out for a fierce flat twist out instead.

While products will absolutely affect your results no matter which style you choose, this flat twist out can attribute much of its fabulousness to being done on healthy, natural hair. Fresh off a second big chop, the shape is perfection, her mane is moisturized, and the curls are popping.

If your interest is piqued, head this way for more flat twisted fabulosity.

8. Twist and Curl

Twist out and perm rod set combo on Black woman with medium natural hair
IG: @_harrisjanae_

We can’t get enough of this twist and curl using the 4C Only collection. Basically, this hairstyle is half two strand twist, half perm rod set and all good.

Check out the tutorial below for step-by-step instructions.

9. Elongated Twist Out on Blow Dried Hair

Black woman with blow dried natural hair wearing an elongated twist out
IG: @shoanta.j

An elongated twist out on a heart-shaped natural haircut? Needless to say, we’re in love.

10. Half-Up Half-Down Twist Out with Clip-Ins

Half-up half-down twist out hairstyle with clip-ins on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @slimreshae @heatfreehair

Perfectly blended with her natural hair, clip-ins for the win with this voluminous half-up half-down twist out.

11. Half-Up Half-Down Bun Twist Out

Half-up Half-down twist out with bun on Black woman with long natural hair
IG: @curldaze

Similar to the previous twist out hairstyle, but without the extensions, simply take the top half and wrap it around itself into a loose, juicy bun, while the back hangs full and free.

12. Twist Out Frohawk

Faux mohawk twist out on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @vanlenore

Truth be told, this fab frohawk was actually created on a braid out. The results are so similar to a twist out, we couldn’t pass it up.

Whether you’re Team Twist Out or Braid Out, if you’ve mastered either style, you’re more than halfway there. Just brush both sides up and back, bobby pin into place and allow your bangs to cascade forward for a simple look that slays every time.

13. Twaid Out

Twaid out with bantu knots on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @danielaapryl_

You actually don’t have to choose between a twist out and braid out. A twaid out is the best of both worlds.

Start each section with a braid and switch to a twist half-way down. When unraveled, you get the stretch of a braid out with the spiral curl of a twist out. Then just add two bantu knots on the side to finish this lovely look.

14. Bobby Pinned Twist Out on Medium Length Natural Hair

Black woman wearing twist out on medium natural hair with decorative bobby pinned sides
IG: @ulovemegz

It’s amazing how basic bobby pins can become an accessory that elevates a twist out. Medium length natural hair looks sexy secured on one side, thanks to this little trick.

15. Pixie Twist Out

Pixie cut twist out on Black woman with short natural hair
IG: @imgloriaann

The pixie cut is what makes this twist out so appealing. Perfect for naturals with short hair, the shape is just as edgy, should you choose to wear the style straight.

16. Side-Swept Twist Out with Cornrows

Side swept twist out with cornrows on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @ravishing_tresses

This side-swept twist out gets a sweet style boost just by adding a few cornrows.

17. Twist Out with Deep Side Part

Twist out hairstyle on medium 4C natural hair with deep side part

Much like the previous style, this luxe look gets a similar lift with a side part and star-shaped bobby pins.

18. Twist Out on Short 4C Hair

Twist out on Black woman with short 4C hair
IG: @deograciousdube

We happen to believe 4C hair can do it all. So this absolutely adorable twist out is really no surprise. With the right tools and technique, plus a little practice, your natural hair can look better than ever.

19. Copper and Auburn Twist Out

Auburn and copper twist out on Black woman with voluminous natural hair
IG: @jonellsequiraxo

Add fiery auburn and copper hues to a face-framing twist out with bangs and the result is a lit natural look everyone can’t help but love.

20. Twist and Curl with Clip-Ins

Black woman wearing twist and curl hairstyle on her natural hair with clip-ins
IG: @_harrisjanae_

Our good sis used Better Length Afro Kinky Clip-ins to create this voluminous twist and curl on her similarly textured natural hair. Watch the video below to see how beautifully it blended.

Then scroll back up to number 8 to see this style without extensions. They’re equally exquisite looks at either length.

21. Twist Out with Middle Part

Blck woman wearing twist out with middle part on her medium 4C natural hair
IG: @mandy_jacobz

Naturalistas know we have a preference as to where we part our hair. It’s a simple choice that can totally change the look of any style.

Now while we personally prefer the right side around these parts (pun intended) the middle looks perfect on this medium length-haired beauty.

22. Twist Out with Flat Twisted Crown

Twist out on long natural hair half pulled back by two flat twists
IG: @tressesbytori__

Old twist out where? Two large flat twists are created at the crown, pulled back and pinned over her still captivating curls. Two words. STUN. NING!

23. Three Strand Twist Out Updo

Black woman wearing three strand twist out updo hairstyle
IG: @sharieshine

As with any natural hairstyle, it’s ideal to start with a good foundation. In this case, the Core Collection from Mane Choice was applied for hydration, nourishment and definition.

Then, she opted for a three strand twist out to enhance the texture. Taking the style one step further after unraveling, she simply pushed the back of her hair up, pulled it forward and secured it in place with a few bobby pins to create an ethereal updo.

24. Twist Out on TWA

TWA twist out on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @necenita

Thanks to a twist out, this teeny weeny afro is big on style.

25. Twist Out with Cornrows in a Bow

Black woman with natural hair wearing a two strand twist out hairstyle with flat twists in a bow
IG: @ravishing_tresses

A gorgeous twist out with a literal bow on top, is proof that this natural hairstyle is the gift that keeps on giving.

26. Twist Out on Long Natural Hair

Twist out on Naptural85 styled on her long natural hair
IG: @naptural85

Seen in her signature look, OG natural hair vlogger, Whitney White, is known for rocking a two strand twist out like no other. And now, as Melanin Haircare Owner she created the perfect styling cream to make all of our elongated hair dreams come true.

27. Twist Out Mohawk with Blue and Purple Hair Paint Wax

Mohawk twist out natural hairstyle on Black woman with blue and purple hair paint wax
IG: @kendrakenshay

This twist out mohawk ups the edginess with blue and purple hair wax in the middle, coupled with cornrows on each side. Everybody ain’t able, but she pulls it off perfectly.

28. Twist Out High Side Ponytail

Twist out in high side ponytail on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @brianalynee

No problem if you’re not quite ready for wash day. You’ve still got styling options with an old twist out. Just gather your natural hair into a high side ponytail and voil√°, an effortlessly chic look.

29. Twist Out with Red Hair Paint Wax

Black woman wearing twist out on medium natural hair with red hair paint wax
IG: @itsdoreseb

Red hair wax can transform your twist out into a head-turner without the trouble and potential damage of coloring your natural hair.

30. Zig Zag Twist Out with Hair Clips

Black woman wearing twist out on natural hair with zig-zag middle part and bling hair clips
IG: @ravishing_tresses

Adding a zig-zag middle part and some accessories with bling, can make a basic, but still beautiful twist out, sparkle.

31. Tribal Twist Out

Black woman with natural hair wearing half-up half-down twist out with bantu knots
IG: @_harrisjanae_

Restyling the front of your hair is often all it takes to switch your look up. Flat twists with beads and bantu knots transform this old twist out from traditional to tribal.

32. Twist Out with Side Bantu Knots

Black woman wearing a twist out natural hairstyle with bantu knots on the side
IG: @itsdoreseb

Adding a few small bantu knots on the side, gives this pretty twist out a retro look, reminiscent of a frohawk.

33. Two Strand Twist Out with Flat Twists

Two strand twist out with flat twists and gold cuffs on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @ayeraven
Profile of twist out with flat twists and gold cuffs on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @ayeraven

Created using Thirsty Curls, Supercurl and Curly Magic, from Uncle Funky’s Daughter, this twist out is serving side-swept with flat twists.

And while this look was intended to be a sophisticated natural bridal hairstyle, we think it’s still simple enough for every day, even with the cuffs and decorative bling.

Be sure to check out the tutorial to get the step-by-step.

34. Two Puff Twist Out

Twist out in two high afro puffs with bangs on Black woman with natural hair
IG: @ulovemegz

Short on time? Throw your twist out up into two textured afro puffs with bangs and rock on with your bad self.

35. Twist Out on Blunt Blow Dried Bob

IG: @shaniquebuntyn

We stan a blunt bob that’s healthy and thick from root to tip. Blow dried and styled days later in a chunky twist out, using one product, is goals.

36. Long Twist Out with Clip-Ins

Twist out with clip-ins on Black woman with long natural hair
IG: @slimreshae @heatfreehair

No worries if you’re not quite hair goals yet. Heat Free Hair For Kurls 20″ clip-ins can add the length and volume needed to turn your twist out up a notch.

37. Twist Out in Pineapple Bun


The pineapple method may be perfect for maintaining a twist out through the night, but a pineapple bun is a chic, simple look you can rock during the day, once your style has run its course.

38. Twist Out with Front Bun

Twist out with front bun on Naptural85 styled on her long natural hair
IG: @naptural85

Pull a small section of your twist out back and bun it to keep your hair out of your face. It’s quick, functional and fashionable.

39. Fluffy Partless Twist Out

Fluffy twist out on Black woman with long natural hair
IG: @creeative91

The best part of a twist out is seeing just how big it will get. You typically have to pick first day hair out, lifting at the roots to encourage the volume.

But after that, your twist out is likely to take on a fluffy, fabulous life of its own. And we’re here for it!

40. Old Twist Out with Deep Side Part

Old twist out with deep side part on Black woman with medium natural hair
IG: @ashlynn_ellesse

What started as two strand twists kept in as a long-term low manipulation style, ended with an unintentional and surprisingly fluffy twist out, when they were removed for wash day. Needless to say wash day was delayed for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully, your wheels are spinning after all of this style inspiration. With any luck naturalista, you’ll never look at a twist out the same again.